Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at 9:30 at night. There is something peaceful about going to the store at night. The aisles aren’t jammed with carts, crying children and people in a hurry. In the summer, you are likely to seen more teens and college students grabbing a late night snack with their friends. It’s a completely different scene.

The only problem with going late is some stores may be closing. Or the bakery or deli might be closed down for the night. The Whole Foods I went to closed at 10 p.m. and I was there when they made their “10 minutes until closing announcement.” When I got into the parking lot, I looked at the stars. The air was still, yet cool. As I pulled out of my parking spot, I enjoyed not having to worry about backing into another car.

Sometimes, I am tired at night and this is also the time I often write. However, the tranquility of grocery shopping at night is an experience I enjoy.

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