This story was told by my Values teacher back when i was in 3rd Yr High. It was one of the most fascinating stories I've ever heard, i hope you enjoy! :)


A man died in a violent car accident and found himself standing in front of the Pearly Gates. Before him stood St. Peter reading from The Book of Deeds. When St Peter finished his reading, he closed the book, looked at the man and said "Your life has not been the best - yet on the other hand it was no means the worst. Where would you prefer to spend your eternity - Heaven or Hell?"

"You mean we have a choice?" asked the man "Not always but in your case - since you deeds are right on the border I will make an exception" St Peter replied.

The man thought silently then asked, "Could I see both Heaven and Hell before I choose?". St. Peter thought that was an excellent idea and agreed. He led the man down a hallway that ending with two doors - one was labeled Hell, the other labeled Heaven. St Peter pointed to the door labeled Hell and said "feel free to go on in".

The man pushed on the door and immediately heard beautiful music playing. When he entered hell he saw a huge banquet hall filled with thousands of long wooden tables. People were seated at the tables wearing beautiful silk robes. and seated at the tables.

On each table were large baskets full of fresh fruit and platters made of gold piled high with delicious foods from around the world. As he walked through hell he noticed something odd. Every person seated at the tables had large wooden knives and forks strapped to their forearms. The knives and forks were at least three feet long making it impossible for anyone to eat the food that was placed before them.

When he left Hell St. Peter pointed to the door labeled Heaven. As the man pushed open Heaven's door he once again heard beautiful music. Upon entering Heaven he again saw a large banquet hall full of long wooden tables. Again all people exquisitely dressed sitting the tables. On each table again were baskets of fruit and platters of fine foods. Finally he noticed that all the people in Heaven also had large three foot wooden knives and forks strapped to their forearms.

Upon stepping back in the hallway St Peter asked "Well you have seen them both are you ready to make your decision?" "Well" said the man "there really doesn't seem to be that much difference between the two; however I did notice one odd thing".

"What was that" inquired St Peter. "Well the people in Hell all look sad; their bodies are gaunt and frail as if they were all starving. Yet the people in Heaven are laughing and smiling and all look happy, well nourished and healthy. How could that be St Peter everything appears to be equal?"