I wrote a post today that outlined a project that kids could make for Grandparents Day. This nice day falls on September 8. Of course, I was remembering my grandparents while writing the post. They were the best grandparents any child could have. I had one grandfather and two grandmothers to love me. Memories of visiting my grandparents just came flooding back.

  1. We called our grandfather "Grampy." Don't know where that name came from, but it fit.

  2. Grampy just loved the ever-living daylights out of us. He had a beagle named "Buster" who was supposed to be a hunting dog, but never really did much to help in my grandfather's hunting success. Buster could hide is eyes with his two little paws, pat his "footies" and all those other run-of-the-mill dog tricks.

  3. Grampy taught all of his grandchildren to fish. We would pile in the Nash Rambler station wagon with the dog and off we would go. We each got an Orange Crush soda from the pop machine. We used bread dough and liver for bait.

  4. My grandmother was quite proper. She was a school teacher. She read to us all the time.

  5. Grandmother made sure we went to church if we were visiting.

  6. Grandmother kept her children's toys. A bedroom upstairs was the playroom. We spent hours up in that playroom in a fantasy world.

  7. Grandmother taught us how to blow the contents out of a fresh egg by poking holes in both ends with a needle. The hollow eggs were then carefully decorated with Grandmother's help.

  8. Grandmother let us write on the wall upstairs. The phone was located on the wall up stairs. Cousins would write messages for each other, phone numbers were written, drawings were made and more. Wish I could see that wall one more time.

  9. My second grandmother was a master of the sewing machine. She used the treadle machine that was worked by foot rather than electricity. We were the best dressed kids in the neighborhood. Grandmother would draw her own patterns. Such talent she had.

  10. We got to drink Pepsi at my second grandmother's house.

  11. My second grandmother lived near the railroad tracks. When I would sleep at her house, the sounds of freight trains put me to sleep. When I hear a freight train today, I feel such comfort and think of her every time.

  12. My second grandmother just let all her grandchildren play and play. She did not mind the mess.

It took our family six hours to reach our grandparents' home. The night before we left for the visit, we could not sleep. We would lie in bed and say, "Just think. Tomorrow night we will be sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa's."

We were lucky kids.

Perhaps you can tell us something about your grandparents.

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