Interesting that the US Congress chose the day the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (known colloquially as "Obamacare") took effect, to shutdown the government, don't you think?

Terms like "petty retaliation","political posturing","pouting" leap to mind. Seriously, they do know they're adults, right? And public servants? And highly paid ones?

I know, a rhetorical question, but were politicians planning to take no pay for these vacation days? Because that's what most government employees are getting. Well, those on the low end of the food chain. Those whose lost pay hurts them most and helps the deficit least. Yes, naturally don't pay them. It will be a grain of sand in an ocean compared to what we'd save if everyone in Washington took no pay.

And definitely, close archival websites. Because it cost how much to run them? Little to nothing. The Library of Congress, for example--it's not like anyone's on duty 2-7 there. Actually, it earns money keeping websites that run ads up.

I read a post kvetching because NOAA was supposed to be shut down and wasn't. Because you think we don't need weather tracking?? Um, storms don't take holidays, just because politicians do.

The only people this benefits IS politicians. If they're trying to turn us against the Affordable Healthcare Act (because that is such a terrible thing), good luck. Those that don't like it still don't. Some of us are delighted it's here and about darn time. All they're going to accomplish is to alienate even more Americans.

They're calling it shutdown, but it's more like takeover. Honestly, DC isn't the dadgum Alamo. How long do they think they can keep up this coup and still collect paychecks? They're going to have to go back to work some time. Would that we could play all day, but some of us have work to do.

Are you as sick as I am of hearing how "we" have to tighten the belt and you look around and see it's only you actually doing it? Raise your hand if you're tired of being used as a political lever or a whipping boy.

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