Good Morning to all my fellow bubblers!! today is MONDAY the most dreaded day of the week for most! even for me at times!

my morning started off oldest didnt want to get up and ready for school (she was cold but was being to hard headed to put the long sleeve sweater i had pulled out for her on!) she left her folder and shoes outside last night so they were soaking wet this morning..we managed to get the folder dried the best we could but the wet and she almost had to wear them like that it soaked her socks and all!! BUT i found some other shoes in the car that i let her wear fro the day instead.

my husband was in a bad mood this morning due to all the fighting to get her out the door this morning!!

but my day has gotten better....i have worked on 3 other sites and been able to get through my notifications a few times today! ...i am waiting for my echeck to go through today so that me and my youngest can run to he store. i have made 4 pictures for "good morning" (one of them you see in the picture)

My Plan For Today - find all my good morning posts and post them on pinterest with pictures i have already made - go through at least 4 pages of my archieves and check my posts for comments that i missed (i have 43 pages of posts and i am way behind so i am going to try and get to more of them than that) - get to $10 on slicethepie (i am at $7 so that is pretty easy i do $1 or until the energy runs out go about my day here then go back after and hour or 2) - make 2 more posts on teckler - go to people i am following on teckler and like their things - make at least 7-10 posts for here!! (i have been falling behind on my posts but its ok if i dont make this) NEW GOAL - i am going to try and sit back and wait...i have noticed that my posts were averaging about 20-25 likes and now they are slowly going up to 30 as well so today i am going to try and sit back and wait until a post hits 20 likes and then i will post again...or wait a little longer it will depend...if it is taking to long then i might just go ahead and post again but we will see!

UPDATE my last post i added in a goal so i am editing to add it here as well... that goal is... - anyone who comments on my posts i am trying to go to their page and see what i like there...i use to do this all the time and i have slacked off a lot and gotten to caught up in other i am starting it back again instead of always concentraiting on my connections all the time even though i will get to them as well)

other than that i am determined i am going to find the time to clean my living room up some...but i can do that in between posts and comments here..i do it all the time! and i am thinking of making pictures for my "Good Night Posts" so they are ready when i am ready to pin them up on pinerest...i dont want to do to many at a time!

oh and i am hoping to cash out today i am sitting at about $14.06 so it is only about $11 so we will see how that goes for me!

well i hope that EVERYONE here in the #Bubbleworld is having a GOOD MONDAY!!!