Our office conducted a blood letting program today and for the first time, I donated blood. Describing my self physically, I'm slender, 5'4" and not a healthy person to look at. But still I decided to try donating blood. After checking, I fortunately pass the evaluation for donating. My next problem is that I'm too nervous letting that 2-inch needle buried in my vein. HAHAHA. The nurse noticed that I'm nervous because of my cold hands. But as expected, I don't let that feeling defeat my desire to have my first blood donation. I laid and just closed my eyes as the nurse did her job. After 15 minutes, the blood bag was already full and another pain again, the detachment of the needle. HEHEHE. I rested for 10 minutes and then they discharge me.

So good to feel that you're doing things that can bring goodness to your health and at the same time to other people who needed those blood. And also, I'm thankful because after 22 years of existence, I now know what my blood type is. :D

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