Gold Rush on Discovery Channel is one of the best television shows that has been on television in many years. Following team gold mining teams in their quest to hit the mother lode of golden riches while battling the elements and themselves has been a thrilling adventure on Friday nights.

The Hoffman crew consist of both experienced and newbies in the gold mining industry. The Hoffman crew stuck it rich in season three after unearthing more than 800 ounces of gold worth more than one million dollars from their Klondike claim. In season four, the Hoffman crew set off to the unforgiven jungles of the Guyana seeking to uncover rich deposits of jungle gold. To everyone's surprise the Hoffman crew's dream of striking it rich again flakes out giving way to the sparkles of diamond mining. Now with all of their hopes pinned on finding enough diamonds before their land lease expires; the Hoffman crew digs in with a new diamond mining wash plant to find enough diamonds to make their season a success.

Team Dakota better known to fans of Gold Rush as the Dakota Boys have been mining Todd Hoffman's former Yukon gold claim famously called "The Glory Hole" for the last three seasons after Dakota Fred sneakily purchase the claim right out from under the Hoffman crew after the first gold mining season had ended. A move that rubbed many of the show's fans the wrong way (me included).

After three seasons gold mining and prospecting "The Glory Hole" the Dakota Boys crew had finally reached the bottom of an ancient waterfall only to strike out with little gold to show for all of their effort. With large rocks and boulders threatening to avalanche and burying the crew and their valuable earth moving equipment, Dakota Fred gives the order to abandon the hole and fill it back in.

But before the last glimmers of hope had the chance to be completely dashed the team's dreams, the Dakota crew discovered a rich pocket of shiny stuff about thirty yards down stream from The Glory Hole. After sweating out a full week of digging, hauling and washing thousands of yards of pay dirt, the Dakota Boys crew cleans up their biggest gold find of the season with over 100 ounces to celebrate. Enough to pay for the equipment to open up their new mountain claim high up in the elevations in the mountains above their Glory Hole claim.

The third gold mining crew led by a young barely wet behind the ears Parker Schnabel has been working with his grandfather kindly known as Grandpa John "Schnabel" since Parker "has been knee high to a grasshopper" kid. Parker worked the first three seasons of Gold Rush on his Grandpa John's Big Nugget claim with little success. Truth is Parker realized that his grandpa's claim had been virtually tapped out of easy to dig gold deposits and it was time to move on to richer gold grounds.

After making a good impression of a seasoned Klondike gold miner legend named Tony Beets; Parker receives an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move to the Klondike and mine his very own gold claim leased from his friend Tony Beets. With all of Parker's hopes and money invested in this new venture he moves his operation to the cold and snow covered beauty of the gold rich Klondike. Needing to hire a new crew, Parker calls in favors and is able to put together a crew of seasoned gold miners some of whom had previously worked on the Hoffman crew in past seasons.

Parker sets a lofty golden goal to break Todd Hoffman's 800 ounce payday in just Parker's first season in mining a new claim in the Klondike. With the fourth season only having weeks before it ends, Parker's crew has already claimed more than 500 ounces of gold and would have been more if Parker had not decided to buy his freedom from his claim lease holder Tony Beets by paying Tony all of his 15% royalty based on 800 ounces of gold at once. But in reality, it was a smart and gutsy move on young Parker Schnabel part, so that Parker is freed to open up a new cut in an area now known as "Fantasy Land" where Parker discovered a rich vein of gold paydirt that had been previously buried with overburden from an earlier gold mining operation.

Out of all three gold mining crews completing for bragging rights in season four of "Gold Rush" on the Discovery Channel; I personally have my money on Parker Schnabel shattering Todd Hoffman's 800 ounce season record and being crowned "King of the Gold".

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