It seems our efforts to clean up the desert, "one can at a time," is paying off. We are having a harder time finding cans on our daily date, cruising the desert in our golf cart. The jaunt into the desert washes, along the highways, and alongside the roads - have netted us another 50 bucks this week. We haven't taken the cans in, but we do weigh our rewards daily. Today, we collected about 8 bucks worth of cans that are in good shape.

All that glitters in the desert is not #gold! Its seems as though there are millions of cans scattered in the desert - if you believe all those large shimmers of shining are cans. The shimmery, glittery gold beckons us to search for gold (or aluminum). Many times we approach the beckoning shimmer of what should be a can - only to find out it is a plastic milk jug, a tiny piece of glass, or a plastic straw. Getting out of the golf cart and surrounding trees to find the hidden treasure is providing some much needed exercise. Why pay a gym - get paid by the pound (ha-ha). Meanwhile we are getting a good workout, chasing after shimmering pieces of plastic!

1) We get paid 1.29 per pound for cans that are basically whole and in decent shape, with colors intact. In the desert there are many sub par cans, but we collect them anyway because we can still get paid for those that are sub-par. If they are totally flattened and crushed beyond recognition, we can get anywhere from 30 cents to 1.10 for those cans. We are still checking for best prices.

2) Other items to collect - we have found wrought iron gating that was half buried, a transmission from a Ford Probe, and a worn out battery. The battery should bring us 10 bucks, the transmission about 25 or so, and the other items will be priced when we go downtown to the largest scrap metal dealer in the city.

The coolest thing that has happened is that my son and husband saw a HUGE RATTLESNAKE about 3 miles from the house. We are very careful when we enter grassy or shrubby areas. Today, we spotted an abandoned boat and jet ski - both were destroyed! We have also gotten to know the various spots of desert gorgeousness. The other night the full moon rising as the sun set, gave a romantic cast to our daily date. I feel like a treasure hunter every day! It is almost addictive. We have also been able to see a bit more of our neighbors - although we are too busy to stop and talk very much!

Well all that glitters is not gold , there is tons of plastic left in the desert and no place takes the plastic for money. At least, not that we have found yet. My husband jokes about our unusual date time and says we are starting to look like "Sanford & Sons" around the back porch! Time to turn the cans into gold.


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