By now you have probably heard a little bit about the guys that pushed a very old rock from its pedestal in a Utah state park, if not you can read about it here:

Of course these gentlemen have come under fire for the actions but one in particular might have quite the problem developing.

Apparently the guy who physically pushed the rock over, his name is Glenn Taylor, filed a lawsuit for the injuries he has now because of an auto accident about four years ago. The claim stated that he suffers from “serious, permanent and debilitating injuries”.

I saw the video and I have to be honest, he sure didn’t look like a man that has been seriously injured.

The person who hit him in that auto accident was a minor so the parents have been dealing with the litigation stemming from it. Obviously they had some choice word for the disabled rock pushing man, Alan MacDonald was quoted as saying “Someone with a bad back who's disabled, who can't enjoy life, to me, doesn't step up and push a rock that big off the base”. I’m fortunate enough to not have back problems but I have a co-worker who does, he can’t move anything around his house without hurting let alone a huge rock.

I don’t doubt that he might have some ongoing discomfort from the car crash but it is hard to believe that he deserves some kind of financial compensation from the defendant when he is out hiking a rock formation and pushing large rocks over.

Photo credit: Nikater public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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