It itches! It burns! And it's kind of gross ...

That Heidi Klum (39) not experienced in eight seasons: LICE-ALARM AT THE supermodels!

No joke: Anna Maria (16), one of Heidi's favorites, has the nasty bugs trapped in her mane! Morning at "Germany's Next Top Model" (ProSieben, 20.15 clock): Anna Maria has the feeling that her head itches unnatural. Rival Sabrina (20) is immediately on the spot. Armed with a comb, she examines Anna Maria.

Then the disgust Alert: In the hair is teeming with lice, which have even laid eggs (called nits). Evil: Also candidate Maike (19) is affected ... The girls scream! The girls scratch!

Anna Maria desperately: "Maybe I tried on a hat while shopping. No idea where they come all at once ... "candidate Lovelyn (16) makes the point that all feel:" I itch everywhere now "The major concern of the girls. Must they now shave off all your hair? Then the all clear! Sabrina, who grew up on a farm in Mecklenburg, is familiar with the lousy problem. The solution: The production company shares special shampoo out against the uninvited guest! Leave on, rinse and continue to smile.