I contacted Imperial Toys about their Glow Fusion Bubble Solution because it did NOT work as advertised...Their reply says that the NEVER intended ANYONE to think that the BUBBLES GLOWED. ONLY the solution itself is supposed to GLOW! Here is what I wrote and their reply:

Glow Fusion Bubble Solution does NOT work according to instructions. The ONLY way I got bubbles to glow was by using a black light on them. My black light does not have a cord that I can take to family gatherings or crowds down my street! Your advertising is faulty and needs to be revised!

Thank you for writing Imperial Toy and I am sorry for your inconvenience and would like to address your concern regarding our Glow Fusion product.

Imperial Toy is marketing the Glow Fusion Bubble SOLUTION, not Glowing BUBBLES per se and the packaging does not say GLOWING BUBBLES. It reflects GLOWING BUBBLE Solution.

Our Glow Fusion Bubble Solution has a dynamic orange glow and when administered properly with is Activators A & B, the bubbles can have a faint glow but you must adhere to the attached Instructions which are included with the product. You must be in PITCH dark in order to experience the faint glow and mix the activators correctly - also by NOT SHAKING the solution.

Glow Fusion is safe, non-toxic, non-staining and a great way for kids of all ages to also glow in the dark on their hands and body – and it washes off with soap and water. Glow Fusion Bubble Solution is great for any type of outdoor activity to include a family gathering, camping trip, or just livening up a nighttime blast in the backyard!

We care about our customers and your satisfaction and appreciate your valuable input, however, we are truly marketing GLOW SOLUTION, not GLOWING BUBBLES.

I'm sorry, but I am looking at one of the packages right as I write this...if that is not glowing bubbles depicted on their packaging, then someone is blind and it ISN'T ME!

YOU look at the packaging...Where it says, Glow Fusion...aren't those bubbles glowing the same as the words Glow Fusion? As well as the bubbles around the glowing bottle? They sure look like they are glowing to ME!

I'm going to re-write Imperial Toys! Either the packaging changes, or the advertisement will!

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