Global Condo Craze - Is Your Country at Risk of Collaspe?

I live in Toronto, the centre of the World's Current Condo Craze, as there are more condo towers under construction in Toronto than in any other city in the Western Industrialized World, and twice as many as there are currently under construction in New York City. There are other worldwide zones of concern with regards to Highrise Construction are Dubai, It's just crazy there trust me, and Miami, it's cooled off here thank god, London, what the hell?, Panama City, what, where's that? So you can see, it's becoming a worldwide and global trend. In Canada, where I live, there has been some talk that the money fueling the condo boom here has come from illegal operations of businesses in the Middle East, and Russia.

Although there has never been any evidence to support this, there is growing hatred towards Toronto not only within Canada but globally, as people seek to understand the billions of dollars that flood not only the financial markets in Toronto, but also the Real Estate Market in Toronto. So much money has flooded into Toronto in recent years, that the Canadian Federal Government has sought ways to stop all global funds from reaching Toronto. In the year 2013, there is growing trends that there has been a cooldown in the Toronto market as sales of highrise condos have slowed as Federal Regulations to stop the Toronto Condo market have kicked in, if these measures were not in place it has been said the Toronto market would still be red hot. The federal government however has run out of options with regards to slowing the Toronto condo market after this, without putting the entire country's economy at risk, including the beloved Western Provinces to which the Federal Government seeks favour, with doing anything in it's power to punish Toronto. People in Toronto love it when the Federal Government seeks to punish us for being rich and successful, if we are not being targeted by the federal government we are not doing our job right.