It had been several years since we painted any of our rooms in our house. We have lived here for 8 years and immediately painted the master bedroom, as the walls were a dark taupe color that I could not live with. We used Behr paint at that time but I wanted to try Glidden this time. A rebate at Home Depot also was enticing. I asked for the advice of the paint expert at Home Depot and came away with the Glidden Duo Eggshell Paint & Primer Premium Interior Paint.

This paint is an acrylic latex paint, is only to be used on interiors and on walls and trim. We got our Glidden Duo tinted a pale yellow color from a paint chip that I liked.

The paint sat for about eight weeks in our garage after I bought it. When I opened it, I expected it to be a separated mess, but it wasn't. It needed to be stirred, as some oil came to the top, but it was minimal and I had it stirred and ready to go in under one minute. We used a paint edger gadget, a paint brush and rollers for our kitchen. I think that the paint applied just OK - but it was also going over probably 40 year old semi-gloss paint. Honestly, our kitchen probably had not seen a fresh coat of paint in 40 years. We did wash the walls before we painted so that we would have maximum paint adhesion. It didn't go on very evenly and I found myself having to go back over it a couple of times in almost all areas.

Even though this is a primer and paint in one, we still needed two coats of paint on the walls. This was pale yellow going onto faded white, so I wouldn't think that it would need two coats, but it did. I'm just glad it didn't need three coats. So it's hard for me to tell if we have an issue with how old the paint was before or if the Glidden Duo is just bad paint. I have no way to know.

The paint was VERY low odor - we had almost zero paint fumes. I love that! The paint also dried very quickly - to the touch in probably 30 minutes and ready for another coat in about an hour.

The second picture here is a bad picture (ignore the color because it did not turn out the color of our pale yellow walls somehow!) but it does show you how the eggshell finish looks. It's not a flat finish but is almost exactly like the finish of an egg's shell.

I don't think we will probably buy Glidden Duo again, in case the paint is just not great paint. We will probably try Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

We paid $27.97 per gallon for this paint, minus a $5 rebate, bringing the price down to $22.97 at Home Depot.

We painted our ceiling with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Interior Ceiling Flat Paint:

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