I find amusement in odd places at times. I suppose those scattered moments of unexpected humor are sprinklings of light, an unexpected wee blessing.

A captcha I had to type in at a writing site made me laugh. I suppose the laughter was more in sarcastic jest than anything, but I’ll take a free unexpected smile wherever it comes from.

The captcha listed 5 modern day U.S. presidents and the words, “a head of cabbage”.

It asked me to pick what doesn’t belong.

Oh, how I wished there was an extra place for commentary along with the actual answer they wanted. Something along the lines of, “None of them belong, only the cabbage does”, or that the question should have been, “Which one has the most common sense,”, or even, “Which one is most in touch with real everyday life struggles of all the regular people in the country”. I had a bunch of smart mouthed retorts.

Okay, so I entered the so called right answer, but I still think it was a laughter loaded question begging for a sarcastic response.

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