Have you ever been sitting in a darkened room, all alone, and seen movement out of the corner of your eye, but when you fixated on the movement there was nothing there? Could that have been a ghost, or a figment of your imagination?

Have you ever experienced an unexpected odor such as a roast cooking in the oven, the smell of a sickly sweet perfume, clothes spinning in the dryer or the putrid smell a match emits after being lit? Could those odors have been a ghost, or a figment of the imagination?

I think the question of whether ghosts really exist has entered the minds of most people but they are hesitant to talk about it for fear of being deemed crazy or deranged. Regardless, I have to confess that I have experienced the above phenomena and much more.

I have witnessed my pets following "something" in the room but when I looked, there was nothing there. I've been fading off into sleep just to be awakened by a blow to the chest, yet there was nothing there. I have been sitting on my couch and felt the cushion move, with no explanation. I've had my hair pulled, skin scratched, possessions to disappear without a trace just to turn up weeks later in the most unexpected of places.

To answer the question..."Are ghosts real, or a figment of the imagination?", All I can tell you is this...Ghosts are real for me. I've seen them, smelled them and felt them. Perhaps "my ghosts" are a figment of the imagination...I sincerely hope so...but I fear they're not.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Cesar Tort

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