A British ship deported from Liverpool, England in 1828. They were headed to Nova Scotia through the dangerous and ice cold waters of the North Atlantic. After the ship had been at sea for several weeks, the first mate, Bruce, happened upon an unknown man writing on a blackboard in the captain's cabin. The first mate was in utter astonishment at discovering someone he did not know on board. He immediately went to notify the captain.

The captain was astonished, there couldn't possibly be an unknown person on board after all this time. The captain and Bruce went right back to the cabin, but the man was gone. When they looked at the blackboard, they were astonished to see clearly written, "STEER TO THE NOR'WEST." The captain was determined to find the culprit, and had everyone on board write the same text on a slate. There wasn't one person who's handwriting matched.

With no explanation as to the strange man, or the message on the board, he changed the course of the ship to the northwest. After some time, the lookout spotted another ship trapped in the ice. They of course rescued and brought aboard all of the other ship's passengers. Among those passengers, Bruce spotted one man he recognized. It was the man he'd seen in the captain's cabin. When the captain asked the man to write the specified message on slate, it matched perfectly!

After some discussion with the captain of the trapped vessel, the man in question had fallen asleep some time around the time of the incident. When the man woke, he adamantly announced that they would all be saved! Was it the man's spirit, an out of body experience, or something completely unknown to us? We'll never know how he managed this for sure, but still an incredible story!

Reader's Digest, 1984, Mysteries of the Unexplained. Pleasantville New York/Montreal.