Fiverr is another one of the sites that I had an account with for some months before I started using it. When it started showing good results to others I thought it would be a good time for me to jump in and see how it worked too. I had no knowledge of this site and everything was foreign to me as I had never worked on any of the other Fiverr duplicate sites so I was unfamiliar with how it worked. So, this is a quick start guide for those of you who are not on Fiverr and have been considering joining.

Check out Others Gigs

The main way to succeed on Fiverr is to start offering one of the top selling gigs or to offer a gig that hardly anyone is advertising that is popular in the internet world. You are going to have to spend at least 30 minutes scouting the site to see who is getting a lot of orders and who is not. The whole time that you are doing this you also have to consider whether or not you could do this and how long it would take you to complete an order.


Currently, I am a top rated seller and I have been one for a couple of months. It did not take me long at all to obtain this status as I was delivering high quality services that pleased my clients. Not to mention the fact that most services were taking me less than 5 minutes to complete. Then, as you go higher in level you can even start charging more (this is when I started adding more time consuming services) which makes you more money. However, keep in mind when you are selecting services and prices that you are only going to be making $4 per gig. If you can do something that is easy for you (maybe it takes you five minutes) you are potential making $48 hour. This may not be ideal to some Fiverr experts yet to a beginner it sure sounds good to me. During my first month taking Fiverr seriously I was able to do just that. Even though one of my gigs did go semi-viral it was not enough to make a full time income off of it though. I worked about six hours total on Fiverr throughout the month and brought in $282 ( ).

Promote Your Gig Throughout Your Social Media Networks.

Lastly, if you want to get some quick orders the key is to promote your gigs through your social media networks. I started off with five very different gigs and I would create new ones and trade out old ones while promoting strictly to my social media networks. I was surprised at how many customers I had within my social media networks alone.

Let’s face it we have all probably purchased a gig from Fiverr before. It may have been what we wanted and other times it may have not been ideal. We may have seen it flash through our Twitter or Facebook feeds and figured that it must come from a good source. This is exactly what happens when you promote your gig to your followers. Obviously, you don’t want to spam them with it but you may send it out every other day. If you have multiple gigs you would rotate them and you will be able to analyze your success rates with each gig.

These are just a few tips for getting started with Fiverr. If this is a popular subject around members here I may turn it into a series.