Our tech friends in India are gearing up production of a new Tablet Computer called the UbiSlate 7Ci that will sell in the U.S. for $37.99. But, does it have the “muscle” to interest tech savvy consumers? I think it will.

First the specs of the device. The screen will be the seven inch size, lower resolution 800X480 capacitive type. The operating system planned is the Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” (4.0.3). Its processor runs at only 1-GHz with half a GIG of RAM. Storage consists of 4GB internal, however it features a MicroSD slot that increases the storage to 32GB. There’s WiFi and a low-res camera (front).

With “spine tingling” specs like this you may wonder why I believe this unit will sell. Well, from my investigations into modifying Android tablets (including Nooks), the addition of the MicroSD slot means there is a good chance that one could easily install a better version of the Android OS and boot from the card. The extremely low price should entice a host of DIY folks to experiment.

Another reason I think it has potential is as a travel tablet. One you could use for e-books and minimal Internet use like a quick check of the email, the weather and news. You could put a bunch of free games on it to keep yourself or your kid entertained. It should play music just fine so there’s that too. What about taking notes or writing? How about as a kid's first tablet?

I would buy it just for those uses for sure! I would rather take something cheap in case it was stolen, lost or damaged on a trip and I certainly would love to hack the OS. The MicroSD slot offers users the ability to save sensitive information in removable media so you could keep that stored separately until needed.

All in all, this $38 tablet is about as powerful as many people’s cell phone and they are already using those for the activities above. What do you think? Would you pay $38 for a tablet like this? What would you use it for?


Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/47201586@N02/4399807796/

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