I wrote about this last week and my outrage over the fact that for some odd reason George Zimmerman whose only claim to fame was killing a teenage boy was being set up in a celebrity boxing match. Damon Feldman the same promoter who in the past set up other controversial boxing matches including for notorious figure skater Tanya Harding thought that a match for Zimmerman would be just a huge. There was even an opponent in rapper DMX, but now it would seem that good taste has prevailed and the promoter has canceled the match.

No real surprise here, the outrage over the fact that anyone would consider Zimmerman a celebrity was huge. All over the Internet especially on social media outraged individuals voiced their anger over the whole thing. One person came up with a face book page about their outrage, which has gotten 318 thousand likes to date. Another individual created a petition that they intended to send to the White House if necessary. In the end Feldman back down canceled the match and decided that he would rather make people happy then make the money. Despite the fact that this event was to make money for charity it wasn’t enough to make people stop screaming foul over this man being called a celebrity.

Maybe if Feldman had taken a different route with this and called it a grudge match maybe people wouldn’t have had a problem, not a celebrity match then maybe people might not have had as much of an issue. Calling Zimmerman a celebrity seem to be the thing most found offensive, I sure did.

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Reference: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/celebrity-boxing-match-george-zimmerman-dmx-canceled-article-1.1607120