For the past 3 or 4 years I've been receiving emails from a shaman by the name of GEORGE TUPAK. Now I don't believe in the idea of looking into the future or talking to dead spirits, i think these are things that should be left alone. No one really knows what the effects are of meddling with afterlife business. But the human mind cant help but be curious, and I won't lie I am curious, but am I curious enough to actually go through with this and seek Sherman service, I don't think so. I trust in GOD to take care of this part of life, I should be happy I'm alive at all.

Below is a link to my personal horoscope , which GEORGE put together personally for me. Last week he sent me an email explaining the events that will occur on this day(today), and most of what he explained was correct. He went into detail about how today would change my life forever and he's proving to be correct, does this mean he has supernatural powers that can enable him to take a peak into the future, I don't know. All I know is that GOD is the almighty father and I should continue trusting in his judgement.

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