Today on General Hospital, we began a murder mystery when Connie Falconary was found shot to death in her office. So, who killed her? Well we can rule out AJ, given how obvious he was its more then likely he is a red herring then the actual culprit. Yes, the last we saw of AJ today he was supposedly holding a gun to Cone’s chest. I say supposedly because given how AJ was hallucinating during yesterday’s episode, how do we know that this wasn’t also a hallucination. Also, odds are good that AJ will be blamed for the crime, so again odds are that he isn’t the real killer.

But who else would want Connie dead? Well, just about all the members of the Jerome family. Ava is just as angry with her for exposing the truth about Kiki’s paternity. Also, Connie was poking her nose where it didn’t belong and figuring out who Julian really is and his connection to the Jerome family. So, it’s possible that they are responsible for her death. But at this point who knows for sure, all I hope is that this story is a wake up call for AJ, he needs to get his act together and quit blaming others for his problems, but start taking responsibility for them himself. Maybe being accused of Connie’s murder will finally be his wake up call.

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