One of my earliest #bubblews was about the #GAPS diet. My son and husband had both been on the diet and now have progressed quite nicely on it. My husband is looking younger and both are looking fit and trim. A bit of martial arts exercise was added – but as far as I can tell that portion of their get healthy program has been dropped.

The benefits seen have been less allergy reactions to food and environment. Reflux has been eliminated and the gas escapes (farts) seem to be less than during the first few months of the diet. No more Nexium or Priolosec. Looking younger and feeling better is a definite boon. You might call this an anti-aging or aging backwards diet.

Organic meats and Organic fruits and vegetables have been added to the diet. Both son and hubby continue having broth every day. Chicken broth is very healing, and they add a allowed beans thread noodle and spices to add variety. Using honey instead of sugar has been easy. Making sure to avoid dairy has also helped with the healing process, but is perhaps one of the hardest adjustments to make except when cooking.

The guys are far past the introductory phase of the diet. Healing the gut has definitely been beneficial in focus and pain relief. It is great to see them making homemade Lara Bars and alternative meals. Balancing the PH levels and removing toxins from the system has increased the benefits of this simple to follow diet.

Even more dramatic is the way this diet when used correctly can help heal the mind and body. Autism can be helped according to some mom's and certainly it cannot hurt to try to heal the body with good nutrients and non-GMO food. It is great to know that others have had such dramatic success with this diet too. It is not for everyone - all diets need testing individually, but for us it has worked miracles.

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