This is another guide about the Furdiburb Android Game. Before that, I want to tell you how you can have a Furdiburb of your own?

  1. If you already have an Android Phone, go to Android Market and search Furdiburb.
  2. Click Install
  3. Done. This game is free.

Take note that Furdiburb is a puzzle game, a maze and adventure all in one. You have to solve a specific problem in order for him to grow. His parents are from outer space and he needs you for a temporary home.

Here are another recipes that you can create:

Renewal+Starquest+Mangosteen= Rainbow Antenna

Renewal+Renewal+Renewal= Purple Starry Eyes

Renewal+Renewal+Starquest= Green Starry Eyes

Renewl+Cherry+Pumpkin= Halloween Eyeball

Rock+Rock+Starquest = Earth

Star power potion + star power potion + poop = shampoo

Star power potion + star power potion + cherry = striped flower pot

Starquest+Squash+Eggplant=Taro Root

Strawberry + Strawberry + Strawberry = Strawberry Rug

Strawberry+Cheese+Hotdog= Strawberry Cheesecake

Squash+Squash+Empty Bottle= Honey

Squirrel+Squirrel+Poop= Skunk

Starquest Potion+Pineapple+Cherry= Cupcake

Squash+Hotdog+Cheese= Chocolate Pie

Squash+Squash+Squash= Radish

Squirrel+Cheese+Eggplant= Rotten Cheese

Plant three hotdogs and cook them. It will turn into a ham!

When Furdiburb fell down from outer space, this was the space ship that he rode.

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