I love to play with Adobe Photoshop Elements and my family photos. Sometimes I just enhance the pictures, remove red eyes, or do other simple tasks. Other times, I like to transform the photos into fun scrapbooking elements. Here is what I've done with my campfire photos.

The top photo shows the scrapbook page that I made using photos of the campfire that we had at Brunet Island State Park in Cornell, Wisconsin. All photo credits: TerrieB

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This is a photo that I transformed. The tile is made with the above photo. I selected part of the photo, copied it several times (putting each copy into its own layer), and rotated each copy so that I had a mirror-like image. With more manipulation, I created this tile. Dying embers makes a great photo. It can illustrate the quiet of the woods at night. We could even hear an owl calling to its mate as we sat by the campfire. The embers photo made a darker tile.