We watched the movie Frozen on big screen. I was with my Mom, two sisters, my kid who is 3 years old and my hubby. We enjoyed the movie and found the pictures, effects and story very nice and interesting.

The moral of the story is very touching. It taught viewers about true love and that true love is not only for lovers, a man and a woman but true love also can be with sisters or family members.

As we watched the movie, my baby boy enjoyed although the movie is more likely for girls. This is because the main characters are girls (sisters). Just good thing Olaf, the snowman was there. My kid just enjoyed watching this character to the extent that he bugs me asking where is Olaf during those scenes where Olaf is not shown. hahahah

Very nice and fun movie. The picture and image effects are just beautiful.

If you have not seen it yet, you better do ;) This is not only for children. Adults have to watch it too and I could guarantee that you will enjoy and learn from it. It reminds us not to lost patience and love to our siblings even during those rough times.

Have you seen the movie and also loved Olaf? ;)

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