I had a few packages to mail this morning and did not particularly want to go outside to put them in the #mailbox because the weather said it currently felt like -6. However, it is only supposed to get colder, so might as well just go and do it. Over the past few weeks a lot of the time when I have to mail something I have had one of my parents put it in the mailbox when they were going to work, but today was the coldest day and I just decided to be the one to do the load the mailbox trip myself. It did not seem too bad to go out in the cold for just a minute and really it was not. The thing that I did not consider was that the mailbox was frozen shut and I was not strong enough to open it. My dad ended up putting the stuff in the mailbox. He said it was not too bad opening it, but the real tricky thing was getting the flag up. I would not have even worried about the flag if I could have opened the mailbox, as I know the mailman would have picked them up anyways.

Since I already had shoes on (flip flops!) and a beanie, my mom also asked me to take the trash out when I came back in from my mail attempt. The trash can was also frozen shut, but it was not hard to open. It is also not that bad doing when the weather is bad because it is literally only one step away from one of the doors out of my room. Now I plan to stay warm inside the rest of the day until its time to go get the mail that comes.