Good Morning Bubblers,

Hooray it's Friday :) As most of you know I am not really one to write reviews about products, but this gem is definitely worth passing on to all of you!! About a month ago my hunnie and I purchased one of them on a grocery shopping trip. Any time we try something new we always just get one because then that way if we hate it we are stuck with two!! Anyway, we also ended up picking up a roast to have the next night for dinner so we thought we would try the marinade on the roast the next day. We did what the instructions said, put the roast in the oven, basted it every hour like always and when the roast was done it smelled SO good!! Then again roast always smells good. To me that is the best part of having a roast in the oven, it makes the house smell like heaven!! Getting back to my point lol we sat down, had dinner, and it was awesome!! Normally our roasts turn out good as we always spice and garlic the meat, but this was fantastic!! The girls loved it too, and my oldest is usually pretty picky about eating (or getting out of eating) roast. The marinade only cost about $3.50 Canadian, and was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!! Wishing you all a great weekend :)

Have A Great Day/Night Hugs & Love As Always, Tattooed-Princezz

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Photo Credit ... ME :)