Another site I belong to is, which again I signed up for through Swagbucks for 500 points. It costs $1.00 twice a month but the perks are well worth it. I signed up with Walmart, but you can also use Target but we don't have Target near us. Every month, you scan a receipt of $25.00 or more and you get a $25.00 check back! It took my first check about 3 weeks, and then I was ready to send in another one. As I was navigating the site, I saw that you can get coupons sent and even though it says there is a handling charge, members get them free. So last week, I clicked for 4 - $2.00 Pepsi coupons and 3 - $1.00 Smithfield bacon. The coupons came yesterday, so when I read Krogers ad today, I jumped on it. Pepsi was on sale for $2.99 and if you purchase 5 products, you get an additional $1.00 off. The coupons were $2.00 off two packs so I got 8 packs, for $1.99 each, less the coupons, it cost $1.00 for each pack of Pepsi. The Herbal Essence and Old Spice were also $1.00 off and I had 75 cent off coupons for each of them. So the 10 products I purchased all had coupons, plus I get a free package of Gatorade Chews for the Freebie Friday coupon download. The total I paid for this order was $11.88, not bad at all for 8 packs of Pepsi, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of body wash and Gatorade Chews. I also told them I wouldn't be back this year.

The capcha for this one is very fitting: "know the ropes"