I just received a petition in my email about a woman named Tyra Patterson. She was convicted of robbery and murder when she was 15 years old and given a life sentence. Nineteen years later, one of the jurors has a petition on Change.org to get her set free. The juror says she made a mistake and has lost many nights of sleep over the past 19 years. I bet she hasn't lost as much sleep as Miss Patterson.

According to the juror, evidence that proved Tyra was innocent was not presented and her attorney didn't represent her well. This juror, 19 years later, says that she didn't believe Tyra was guilty but voted to convict her anyway. How often does this actually happen? How often do innocent people spend their lives in prison when jurors don't even believe they are guilty? Is there a serious problem with our legal system when juror are responsible for sending innocent people to prison on purpose. Maybe the issue is really with the juror instructions.

The petition says that Tyra's co-defendants are now saying that she was not involved in the crime and they passed lie detector tests. The juror is asking Gov. Kasich to pardon Tyra, who is now 38 years old.