With the release of e- DDC Edition 23, e-DDC previous versions you can "move" to Reclycle Bin forever. Just a reminder, here I have to say a complete history of the E-DDC since the release of the first version named e-DDC (only) up to now:

E-DDC (Version 1.1) was released on 17 April 2010 E-DDC (Version 1.2) was released on August 23, 2010 E-DDC Edition 22 (Version 2.1) was released on December 2, 2010 E-DDC Edition 22 (Version 2.2) was released on October 12, 2011 E-DDC Edition 22 (Version 2.1) was released on October 6, 2012 E-DDC Edition 23 (Version 3.1) was released on December 20, 2012 E-DDC Edition 23 (Version 3.2) was released on March 26, 2013

E-DDC as an application is authentic, in the sense that when I first started making it at the end of 2009, short of my knowledge no single application to the classification format, interface, or preparation of the chart classification as e-DDC. The more e-DDC its free. Download e-DDC Edition 23

4shared: http://www.4shared.com/zip/CgtfDoUZ/e-DDC_Edition_23.html ziddu: http://www.ziddu.com/download/21884896/e_DDC_Edition_23.zip.html Owner: http://www.e-ddc.org