Getting free stuff is always great. I will never turn away freebies at all. Getting free money is even better. This is how I feel whenever I get enough points or whatever to redeem for a gift card. I’m always on the lookout for any programs that offer something like this because it really does come in handy for rainy days, holidays, emergencies, or anything else to suit your needs. Lately I have being redeeming at various places for Amazon gift cards. It seems to be the most popular item other than redeeming for Paypal money. One place to get an Amazon gift card is at Swagbucks.

Swagbucks started out as a search portal but evolved into something more. The object is to earn swagbucks (SB) dollars and then redeem them for the reward of your choice. Earning these swagbucks isn’t as hard as some people would imagine.

As I stated, I did this because it was rewarding me to make searches. But other ways to earn swagbucks started to form. Doing activities such as using the tool bar, taking a daily poll, looking through no-obligation offers, video clips, surveys, and any odd little activity starts to add up every day. A great way to challenge yourself is to look at the daily goal that is posted. If you reach this particular number, whether it is 60, 100, or whatever designated number of swagbucks is posted, you will get bonus bucks.

In the beginning I was redeeming for $5 Paypal money. It was easy at the time because the redemption for it was low. Of course it was a special at the time so I took full advantage of it. Once that was gone, I shifted my focus to something else... Amazon gift cards. The lowest one that you can get is the $5 version for 450 SB. It may seem like a daunting task but I find that I can easily earn at least 50 SB a day. In my mind, it shouldn’t take more than 9 days to be able to redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card. I should be able to do that for at least 3 times a month.

So why focus on the $5 denomination instead of the higher priced ones? Because the amount of SB used at redemption doesn’t add up equally. Look at the breakdown, as it currently stands:

450 SB = $5 Amazon gift card
1,500 SB = $15 Amazon gift card
2,500 SB = $25 Amazon gift card
5,000 SB = $50 Amazon gift card
10,000 SB = $100 Amazon gift card
25,000 SB = $250 Amazon gift card
50,000 SB = $500 Amazon gift card

For the amount of SB it takes to get a $15 Amazon gift card, I can get three separate $5 ones for less. The same goes with the rest. All Amazon gift cards are e-mailed to you within 10 business days of verifying your purchase. Of course there are other prizes and gift cards that you can redeem with your swagbucks. I have been purchasing on Amazon more and more these days so it only makes sense that I capitalize on it.

I’ve been doing Swagbucks for over three years now and have redeemed close to $400 in Amazon gift cards. I can tell you that it has helped a lot. I recently made a huge purchase in buying a new Dyson vacuum on Amazon. I wouldn’t have done so if the majority of it didn’t come from my earnings through Swagbucks. In a way I feel like I almost got the vacuum for free, or I should say a very huge discount, because I didn’t put out much from my own pocket. Thank you, Swagbucks, for fueling my Amazon account.

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