60 year old Multi awarded singer Freddie Aguilar's girlfriend was finally revealed namely Jovy Gatdula. This is one of the top trending issues that has been spread out through mass media nowadays. Many is curious about the identity of the girl since it is not been shown on TV. But according to Ka-Freddie, pictures like kissing are being uploaded through the internet through Jovy's facebook. I dont have the intention of putting the girl into shame but i want to aid the hunger of curiosity among people, since both are proud of themselves. Despite the fact that the girl will turn 18 maybe next year I guess.

Jovy once break her silence and said ”Mahal ko siya. Wala na akong pakialam kung anong nakaraan niya, kung ano siya. Basta love ko siya, iyon ‘yon.”("I love him. I don't care of his past, who he is. The point is I love him, and that's it"-translated in english)

It is believed that they will have their wedding this year or next year. We don't have the right to judge the girl or ka-Freddie but morally thinking, it is awkward especially in our conservative society. And despite the fact that the girl was still minor in age and must be in a parent's guidance. By this controversy, it may uplift the confidence of those old age and young at heart and also it will also degrade the moral of a conservative Filipino society.

I believe love requires no age but we have to think morally and legally before we involve with it. Maybe if they truly love each other then who are we to judge them, to criticize them, to hurt them or to tease the girl with such inhumane insults. This kind of relationship is existing even before we got to knew about Freddie's love life and we are all aware of it. I think just because the man is famous and rich then we criticize the girl or even her family. Lets open our mind and reflect, its their lives and who are we to judge them. Maybe we just try to mind our own business and solve our own problems because if they get married or break up, Oh God! Nothing happens! So lets be happy about both of them and let us see how their story goes and set aside those insecurities. Freddy Aguilar is always be Freddie Aguilar, he is still a singer that anybody loves. God bless you all.

photo source: http://entervrexworld.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/freddie-aguilar-jovy-gatdula.jpg