Playing around with one of my favorite fractal generators, Vchira, I created this work of postmodern contemporary fractal art. I sat back and looked it over well, and the first thing that came to mind was, “It's a fractal UFO”. So, I titled it "Fractal UFO, Dude!" As post work, in Photoshop, I did my usual filtering, layering, and color enhancing. Additionally, I added both the digital frame, and the digitally embossed Bill M. Tracer Studio logo signature seal, small as not to distract from the design, while decidedly present, showing authenticity.

Be sure to click on the above small image in order to see it greatly enlarged. It makes a really big difference in the quality of what you see.

Of course here at Bubblews, I'm presenting a copy of the image with the resolution much reduced for security reason, and in order to fit the size limitations of the site, but you can still see it well even with this reduced resolution. There is a much higher resolution poster version of it found at: