Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch) was once considered the first "WWE Diva". But I think the WWE went back and changed that to where any woman that worked for the WWE is considered a Diva now. See? The WWE can retro-con things too!

Tammy was a manager, valet, and every now and then she would lace up the boots and get in the ring. She started out with Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee, then went to the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF), then Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), then World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and finally she worked on the Independent circuit for awhile.

She was always the center of controversy and it didn’t stop when she left the ring. In 2012-2013 she was arrested six times and wound up finally spending 144 days in jail.

During her time it jail, Tammy found out that she had cervical cancer. But after a subsequent surgery she was declared cancer free.

In 2011 she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by the entire WWE Diva roster which I thought was a nice touch.

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