This touching story is really happening in the Dartmoor National Park. Colt named Breeze who lost her newborn son. As baby mammals, these foals require the presence of his mother, for the protection and affection, but he does not have a mother. Specialized veterinary medical team found the baby unconscious Breeze dehydration after himself for his mother.

In the national park where he was born, the baby pony who lost his mother struggled to find his mother. Like a horse's natural instincts as human beings, want to be near their mother for affection. The team is trying to find a national park where the breeze mother, but not found. Children Pony finally treated with intravenous fluids, medications and milk.

"Unfortunately Breeze does not have a mother to care for him," Bowden said Syra, executive director of the National Park. "They (young horses), like a human baby, want to feel comfortable," he continued. Therefore, the medical team national parks offer toys Breeze so you can feel comfortable.

Team effort paid off, Breeze was comfortable with a rather large teddy bear. Teddy bear as if it could replace the warmth and comfort of the mother who was looking for. Some photos show how the breeze sleeping in the lap of a teddy bear, doll face and inhalation may embrace these adorable dolls.

Although only inanimate doll, love can come from any media. You get the comfort, health Breeze getting better. Syra Bowden said Breeze is a very distressing condition when first discovered, but now is getting healthy and continue to grow into a strong pony.

A little love and affection from an inanimate object can make it healthier baby horse. If inanimate objects can provide a sense of comfort, should not we be able to give more love to our fellow man?

Hopefully this true story can be an inspiration to all.