As I per usual, I started with my frequently used KPT filter, "FraxPlorer". With that and other tools, I created this series of images with various filtering, layering, and color enhancement effects, all in Photoshop. In this case, the end result was this 4 piece fractal abstract art series, the third of which I initially saved among my Abstract Images as Abstract Image 1145. I later renamed this one specifically "Fluctuating Vortex Variation 4". This color variation uses the same basic colors of Variation 1 of this series, but with white as the background tone rather than the black we find in Fluctuating Vortex Variation 1. This piece of postmodern contemporary fractal abstract art, Fluctuating Vortex Variation 4, is now presented here at Bubblews in this square aspect ratio, complete with the digitally embossed Bill M. Tracer Studio logo signature seal, small as not to distract from the design, while decidedly present, showing authenticity.

Be sure to click on the above small image in order to see it greatly enlarged.

If you are interested in seeing the other 3 variations of this specific fractal art series, they are as follows:

Variation 1: Variation 2: Variation 3:

And as with all of my images presented here at Bubblews, I'm presenting a copy of this image with the resolution greatly reduced for security reason, and in order to fit the size limitations of the site, but you can still see it quite well even with the resolution reduced this much. You can find the much higher resolution art poster version of this work of fractal art at: