Am I the only one who is just a bit perturbed by the flashy new ads at the bottom of our Bubbles? You know the ones, they appear in a row of four between the content and the content. They look like related content, but instead they promise fast money or “relationship” advice. They're more than a bit cheesy, and I don't mind saying it.

The screenshot above was sampled from one such ad that appeared on a Bubble my friend @SpokaneNews published this week. Three of the four captions talked about getting rich (“super,” or “ridiculously!”) The fourth was about Pokemon games, which is odd because the Bubble in question was about work, writing, and paying bills.

But I'm torn. Bubblews is a great site, and I get really good payouts here compared to many other writing sites. It's also a friendly and supportive community. I enjoy coming here, reading, and connecting with fellow Bubblers.

At some point, the Bubblews staff have to decide what kind of sponsors they want for their site. And in the end, the revenue earned is the primary consideration. They can't pay us if they aren't earning advertising revenues. It's no different from a freelancer who takes on a very tedious job like writing hundreds and thousands of sample cover letters, or another who writes about entertainment because it earns better than a true passion like birdwatching, stamp collecting, or stargazing.

Writing for money sometimes feels like selling your soul. But we do it because we all need to eat. And sometimes we do it because it allows us to write about the things that really get us excited. So yeah, I can live with the flashy ads. I might even click on that Pokemon one, just to see what it's about. My youngest is a huge fan, after all....

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Photo credit:"Hands Holding Dollars" by jannoon028, Free Digital Photos

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