In a growing world of stress and demand, we find ourselves at the mercy of unreasonable behavior and bad mannerisms. We feel pushed to the limit and extremely angry at some of the bad damaging attitudes. We wish to confront these people and give them a piece of our mind! We may need to stop for a moment, catch our breath and work out a more calm and civilized way to do this! We can end up making things far worse with uncontrollable anger.

1) When people are angry, they often make statements and voice insults they do not mean. An angry confrontation can end up leaving the problem in a much deeper mess than to begin with.

2) Angry confrontations often encourage the pride within both people, giving them a nudge that they must win the argument. The reason for the dispute becomes futile as it becomes a battle as to who can come out with the smartest jibes and one liners.

3) Angry confrontations can lead to physical fights. You may have no intention of hitting a person but would strike back in defense. You could end up with the situation needing the involvement of the police.

4) Angry confrontations often never get resolved. Because the other person is angry at how they are being spoken too, they will make no effort to change or apologize. They will feel verbally attacked and be even more stubborn.

5) Angry confrontations set a bad example of ourselves in front of other people. Small children could be watching or elderly people who feel frightened.

If you need to confront someone, stay calm and keep specific about what has upset you. Your calm tone will be an invitation for them to listen. It is when situations are discussed calmly, both parties more often than not want to find a resolution.

Happy Bubbling!

Photo Attribution: By Guyon Morée from Beverwijk, Netherlands (Angry tiger) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons