Have you ever had too much to drink and done something do incredibly stupid and embarrassing that you feel like you could just die?

Or worse, have you done something so embarrassing that you don't even remember until your friends pull out their phones the next day to show it to you?

If so, don't feel to bad, most people have done at least one incredibly dumb, and embarrassing thing and have learned that alcohol though it does tend to make you brave, doesn't make your smart.

Here are five really embarrassing things drunks do, see if one is yours.

  1. Dance aggressively, and completely out of rhythm and not care

2 .Attempt to karaoke a love song to your bf , spouse, or someone you have a huge crush on

  1. Buy the bar drinks, and spend your whole paycheck or max out your credit cards

  2. Puke and then pass out in public

  3. Drunk, text, call tweet or Facebook...all are big no nos.

Just a few on a large ever growing list for people but some of the top ones you should really avoid doing!

What is the dumbest and most embarrassing thing you have ever done while you were drunk.

Be honest and know you are not alone on this one!

For me it was (red- faced) streaking back in my younger days, during a snow storm to be followed by a night of puking.

The older version of myself can't handle the hangovers that come with overindulging in alcohol on occasion any more! You know, no crime, no time rule!

ARG! Won't make that mistake again! LOL!

Source: This Is The Story Of My Life

Photo Credit: Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/crdot/6804296631/