If you've had credit troubles in the past and are trying to get back on track and rebuild your credit profile, I highly recommend Fingerhut as the best option to get you started. Fingerhut will report to all 3 major credit bureaus and if you make regular on-time payments of just a little more than the minimum payment due, they will grant you regular credit limit increases.

Sure, you will pay about 20% more by purchasing products through the Fingerhut online catalog but if you have bad credit, you probably don't have creditors lining up to grant you credit. This is a simple case of "crawl before you can walk." Fingerhut will approve just about anyone with a pulse and if for some reason you do not qualify for zero down, instant credit, they also offer a "Fresh Start" program where they require you to put $30 down on your initial purchase before issuing you a small line of credit.

Upon successful payback of your initial purchase, Fingerhut will then increase your line of credit with no more down payments required. Fingerhut may not be your idea of the perfect line of credit but it is still credit. In time, other small companies will begin offering you lines of credit to further help your credit rebuilding. If you do not already have a Fingerhut catalog, you may simply visit them and apply online today!