The following list of dealers of scratch and dent appliances in Richmond, VA and the surrounding area is far from complete but it will help you get started in finding a convenient dealer’s location near you.

Once you arrive at their location, any of these dealers should make things far easier. Save on washers and dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, ovens, stoves and even small appliance items like microwaves or toaster ovens just by accepting a slight discoloration or scratch.

Whether you live in the downtown Richmond, VA area or in the surrounding area, you can find a great selection of and get a great deal on used, refurbished or factory-blemished appliances at any of these locations:

Appliances on Lakeside With an extremely experienced staff and models from all the major manufacturers, Appliances on Lakeside can offer a great variety of discounted “out of the box” appliances. Discounts run up to 40%, the store is open every day except Sunday and delivery is available to anywhere in the greater Richmond area.

Store Info: 5418 Lakeside Ave Henrico, VA 23228 Phone: (804)-591-0885

East Coast Appliance Inc. Located right in Virginia Beach, East Coast Appliance has an excellent selection of appliances from leading manufactures such as Amana, Bosch, JennAir, Viking and Wolf plus over a dozen more. In addition to the standard kitchen appliances, they offer outdoor grills and a host of specialty appliances. In the showroom, all models are on display in full function mode. Visitors can try any or all o their products to see if they fit their needs.

Store Contact Info: 1749 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Phone: (757) 425-2883

More Scratch and Dent Appliance Resources in Richmond, VA Lowes, Home Depot and especially Sears are always an excellent source for reliable, scratch and dent appliances in Richmond, VA. Lowes and Home Depot, though, are usually a bit more hit-or-miss in terms of finding a blemished or slightly damaged appliance as they do not have dedicated outlet stores like Sears.

In addition, the Sears Outlet stores in Richmond, VA have a centralized inventory system so they can tell what is available in any of their locations. You may have to drive a little ways but you can generally find something to fit your needs. They will also ship anywhere in the state from any of their stores.

Sears Outlet Store – Richmond, VA 2223 Tomlyn St Richmond, VA 23230 Phone:(804) 254-8233

Best Strategy for Dealing with the Big Box Stores

The best strategy is to check with the store manager on a routine basis. He probably won’t know if there are any appliances waiting to be discounted but he will know when corporate policy says that the discounted appliances will be placed on the sales floor. That’s the important information Remember the date that he tells you. It’s usually at the end of the month and only happens once per quarter or less.

Get there early on that day and see if anything fits your needs. You can even buy something you don’t need and sell it on Craigslist. The warranty is even transferable if you give them the sales receipt.

Even More In-Depth Information

For more information on the best deals on scratch and dent appliances in Richmond, VA and Allen County, take a look at these in-depth articles: Wayne-IN

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