There seems to be a lot of agitation at the International Football Corruption Association. They've just figured out that it is very hot in Qatar in the summer.

This is a bit of a problem. The2022 football (soccer for you Americans out there) word cup will be played in Qatar. And it is traditionally played in the summer.

Now it has been played in hot countries before, but not one where the temperatures are as extreme. Trust me, in the summer heat it is hard to sit outside, never mind run like crazy chasing a ball for 90 minutes.

There is the option of changing the time to winter. But that clashes with all sorts of other events, including playing football at the club level, which is where footballers really make their millions.

FIFA has just announced that it will delay making a decision about this.

The amazing thing is, didn't they look into how hot it gets there in the summer? Couldn't they foresee these kinds of problems when they chose the country? Why choose it in the first place? It's not like they didn't have other choices.

Or did the Qatari's simply outdo the other bids with the bribes they offered officials?

Add to this the fact that the stadiums appear to be built by slave labour (the Qatari official made it clear that if these claims turn out to be right, they will be terminated- so nothing to worry about then).

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