If you have followed some of my articles, you may have a sense I'm a very spiritual person. My epiphany the other day has me rockin'! Funny thing is I had court today on a 19 year old debt that I knew nothing of? And although it had a judgment on it, the statute of limitations holds no value. Basically, going in with nothing but a hope and a prayer. I have been working on healing energies, while in the lobby I decided to meditate and try and calm my nerves. Next thing I know my whole body is tingling, head to toe, small children circle me as if they can either see or feel my energy or my aura. (not sure) But it was amazing!! When I entered the courtroom I felt at peace and very confident. Never raised my voice, complete respect and I was given the same back. They found a serious typo in the amount owed. (an extra 0 was added) so my bill is much less then what was expected. The attorney was more then kind and said he would work with me, even if 10.00/mo is all I could afford, "What would make you happy?" he said to me? WOW! Never hear that in a court room. Winning the case? Not quite. Better outcome then expected? Yes! When I left I was so happy with the feelings I was having I put change in all the meters til I got to my car. Anyone parked on Berry Street today.... I gave you all an extra hour! Life is so flipping amazing!! May you find your power and live a life of complete happiness! Bless you all!

Written by Shan Hartley Photo Source: www. thepersonaldevelopementguy.com (and Thank you!)

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