Just goes to show how our justidical system is messed up. I just read this article about an father that was sentenced to 6 months in jail for overpaying his child support and overseeing his son. His son lives with his ex-wife and without his knowledge his childsupport and vistation had gotten changed. He wound up overpaying $3000 dollars and a judge found that contemtible, which end up finding him contemp of court! I was just dumbfounded when I read that article. This father was doing what he needed to do for his son and he ends up in jail because of it. But look at all those father's that don't even paid child support or see there kids and nothing is done to them. I praise that father for stepping up for his son and being there. But for him ending up going to jail because of it was just down right disgraceful! What are your thoughts on this?