Three or maybe four years ago, I discovered something that the local grower calls Romeo plums. Despite much searching, i haven't been able to find any more information of this variety, so I suspect they are an American hybrid.

What I do know is that they have an extremely short harvest season, usually two to three weeks in Mid-July. These are small plums, roughly the size of a golf ball, and absolutely delicious. When they are perfectly ripe, biting in to a warm plum is like biting into jam. They are sweet, with just a hint of tart from the skin.

Two years ago, raccoons got into the trees and we had to go an entire season without them. This year, I thought I had missed because I only get to go to the farmers' market every few weeks. My silly job makes me work the same time the market is open. But this morning I got there just as the market opened and was thrilled to find that in addition to the wonderful fruits and veggies I expected, the romeos were in!

I bought two quarts of them at $5 a quart and they will last us about 10 days. I'll probably go back next week just in case there are some left.

In addition, I got squash and tomatoes. I skipped the green beans, corn and watermelon, though I may add those to the menu next week and pick them up then. Usually, I rant about how much I dislike the area where I live, but this time of year the farmers' market almost makes it worth the other horrible things about Illinois. I love getting fruits an vegetables from local farms and knowing that they were organically and sustainably produced!

What is your favorite farmers' market find?

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