It is #FALL -- and all I have to say is: "Hallelujah!" It's time for the super, deep cleanup that removes the dust and grime from behind the fridge and stove. The swamp cooler will be turned on in the next few days to relieve the high costs of air conditioning. The last thing we need is moisture mixing with the summer layers of dust and cementing itself to my refrigerator top or door jambs.

Today, almost everything got the super-duper treatment. Even the light fixtures were removed and cleaned. The lights sparkle and shine brighter now. The heavy duty-citrus- degreaser came out of hiding and worked its magic on all the surfaces. I prefer Pine Sol, but this product works great and its odor is pleasant for the rest of the family.

Everything is shiny and all clutter removed and the counter-top necessities were rearranged to provide more space. The knives, the carousel of stove top cooking supplies, the myriad of cutting board, the Nu-wave oven, the Kitchen Aide Mixer, and the toaster oven -- all found a spot of their own. Some of these appliances are normally under the cupboard - but with so many people living here it is crucial to have short-cut cooking available to all. I hate having so many things on the counter, but we all sacrifice something for the greater good. My electric can opener is still in the cupboard!

After catching up all the dishes and deep cleaning with degreaser (including some wall space wipeups) you might ask what is left? Well hubby vacuumed but we did not steam clean - we'll do that tomorrow. The curtains need pulling down and washing. The pantry is due for a total overhaul (again!) and the two cabinets need another go-through for total organization. My organization efforts usually last for about one month.

So the effort resulted in a much cleaner, more spacious work area and I am ready to see what the Holidays bring. They are just around the corner and during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, my kitchen takes quite a beating. For now, cooking dinner in the kitchen was far more fun than usual. The food tasted better.

When are you starting fall cleaning. After the kitchen is done we have our bedroom closet and the junk room to clear out. Let me know your schedule - maybe we can have a celebration party when we are all done! Grab your coffee and let's have a coffee klatch in my newly cleaned kitchen! Apple pie anyone?

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