Facebook has its uses, so please don't get me wrong. I love to keep up with friends and family, but there are some Facebook failures that are hard to overlook. First for sharing it is awesome! You can share easily from any website, but that does not mean that people READ what is shared. People tend to only read the headlines. Video sharing is better and people tend to watch the videos. Photo quotes are so popular that I had to turn off photo notifications of acquaintances. Those are mere annoyances when compared to the failure of the newsfeeds, hashtags and the IPO offering. If this was Twitter - it might be dubbed a "Fail Whale."

#Hashtags have been dubbed a colossal failure by Digital Trends. Although I see a few hashtags on Facebook, they are certainly not as well received and liked as the Twitter user crowd! I would say that I agree with friends that hashtags look clunky and complain about their use on FB. However, I still use #hashtags because I am so used to the process from Twitter. In fact, I am rather irked that #Bubblews uses the plus sign instead of the hashtag! Some users felt so strongly that they have a Facebook fan page: "This is not Twitter. Hashtags don't work here." The banner is a photo banner declaring #STOP.

#NewsFeeds Next we have more failure on the part of Facebook. While Facebook might generate a ton of business and keep family updated, the news feeds are cluttered with photo quotes and meaningless drivel. Spam is starting to infiltrate the site at an alarming rate, and FB calls it sponsored advertising to news feeds. Charging money to have my posting rise up in ranks to be visible by friends and family in the newsfeed, is not well received by me.

#StockMarket Then we have the IPO - Forbes has declared it a failure due to the free fall of Facebook. What is termed a free fall is explained in the article resourced below, there was no "pop" in the price of the IPO offering. Well, not knowing about all that much about investing I have to trust Forbes. They are a well respected source of information. Of course there were some technical flaws that caused such a problem that the SEC has fined NAASDAQ $10M for their failure in launching the FB IPO. Just last month - a Canadian group launched a class action lawsuit against Facebook claiming they misled investors and that Morgan Stanley , Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan had insider information.

#SmartPhones - While Facebook is no where as near as easy to post to as #Twitter - people manage to post using their phones. Lord help us if kids ever put their smart phones away during dinner. Once people figure out that Facebook is a marketer's playing field - we don't' know what will happen. I have always held that Facebook and social media are what you make them.

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photo credit public domain via pixabey.com

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