What happened in the last episode of the Teletubbies?

Basic things:

  • In each chapter the teletubbies play something new.

  • Laa-Laa has a ball they call "ball-Laa Laa"

The final chapter

As a great shot after years filling us with his joy, the world was waiting for this episode. The chapter is called bluebells, so everyone assumed that the game would be the theme of Forests Hyacinths:

As you recall, at the beginning Po, Dipsy and Lala were calm, until he burst onto the scene Tinky Winky saying that these plants were appearing outside. Twinky Winky then encourages all to play with these little flowers...

But then something happened that perhaps many did not understand. These blue little flowers, began to disappear one by one, until there was none.

And that was the end. Sad and cold end.

Why did it happen?

For sure it is not known, the producers left it as a mystery for fans. But the actor who played Tinky Winky made ​​one thing clear in an interview:

"The end of Teletubbies was not stipulated for that episode, we had to invent an alternate ending due to several problems with my character who was related to homosexuality.

The episode has free interpretation. But I think that is the way they needed the Teletubbies to realize that the world is not so simple. That is much more cruel and disappointing than it looks and you can not always have everything. "