Wooka Interactive Marketing Services offers writing job opportunities for aspiring Filipino writers. It is a great training ground to improve your writing skills, and at the same time, you can earn money by writing articles during your free time.

I have been a writer for since January 2013, and then I stopped for few months to focus more on another writing gig. Yet, I earned a much higher salary in my previous job than in It is because I worked for American company. is a Philippine-based (I mean they only accept Filipinos), but the clients are US and UK based. I resigned from my previous job and continued my service for I am still writing for them.

In, you will earn 300 pesos for writing a set of articles (5 articles with 500 words each). It is not bad if you are proficient in writing and researching. If you will be promoted to other teams – Green and Blue teams, you will likely earn a much higher points/salary per set (congratulations!). So, English writing skill is indeed a must. Your grammar should nearly be perfect, and your research skill is above-average. You should also avoid copying contents from other websites, because it is a plagiarism.

I can say that is a great website to improve your writing and research skills. If you have a free time, you can write articles for Rejections and revisions could be a big disappointment. Do not get disappointed if you receive revisions and rejections -- These are advantages to improve yourself and your writing skills. Like they say, “You will indeed learn from your mistakes.”

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