England group of death

England's world cup draw, hyped by the media as a national disaster, could actually bring out the best in our players. What will most likely be the last international tournament for some of the squad will see them take on heavyweights Uruguay, four time winners Italy and the best of Africa, Ghana.

Tough groups bring out the best in our players. Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago and Sweden for 2006 saw commentators delighted but England were outdone barely holding Sweden to a draw and needing an own goal to beat Paraguay and late finish against Trinidad and Tobago from Gerard and Crouch to win 2-0.

In 2010 Algeria, USA and Slovenia was seen as an easy draw but England performance was disastrous. Euro 2010 saw a difficult grouping but the team drew against France and could at least be proud of their performance on the pitch.

So the group of death could in fact be exactly what the England team of Roy Hodgson need to progress when the tournament gets under way.